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Marketing Strategy ConsultingSeeking a marketing consulting or business strategy consultant to help grow your business? Identifying and filling customer needs is key to marketing success.

The most effective strategic marketers use deep customer insight to drive segmentation, targeting, positioning, and offering development.  This ensures that marketing plan development is grounded in marketplace realities to best meet customer needs.

EquiBrand’s marketing and business strategy consulting services include market assessment, “STP” framework development (i.e., Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning), and marketing plan development.

Our management consultants have deep expertise in the following areas:

Customer Insights & Analytics

We help you unlock organic growth by putting your customers at the center of your company’s business strategy.

Differentiate vs. Competitors

We use a research-based, analytic approach to obtain deep customer insights and drive market growth.

Market Segmentation & Targeting

Segmentation involves developing a customer framework, then mapping market segments and potential opportunities.

Define the Customer Framework

Using market research and internal strategy sessions, segmentation and targeting ensures a market-driven approach to strategy and plan development.

Customer Experience

Target marketing defines the most attractive segments, based on size, growth, benefit orientation and internal fit.

Prioritize Resources

Target Marketing defines the most attractive segments, based on size, growth, benefit orientation and internal fit.

Marketing Strategy & Plan Development

Marketing strategy development includes marketing mix (i.e., the 4 – 5P’s) definition, including customer acquisition and retention details.


Marketing strategy plan development includes marketing mix (i.e., the 4 – 5P’s) definition, including customer acquisition and retention details.

Business-to-Business Marketing

Market assessment emphasizes Three C’s analysis (i.e., Customer, Competitor and Company) to uncover strategic opportunities.

Confirm the Situation

Market assessment grounds the team on the business and confirms key issues to address during the consulting engagement.

Direct-to-Consumer Marketing

Deep customer insight is the platform on which compelling direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing strategies and plans are developed.

Obtain Deep Customer Insight

EquiBrand helps companies establish a DTC business mindset and approach for customer-centric growth activities, delivering direct consumer insight and relationships to chart new growth.

Winning marketers relentlessly focus on expanding their playing field using a strategic approach to identify and fulfill unmet customer needs. Creating and capturing new market spaces and building strong brands is the domain of strategic marketing and the focus of our work.

As classically trained marketers, we are functional specialists and work across a spectrum of companies — from global Fortune 500 companies to venture-backed startups, within business-to-business and business-to-consumer settings.

Working closely with your team, our business strategy and marketing sales consultants employ a disciplined approach and a broad spectrum of analytical tools in mapping customer needs to marketing requirements and then aligning the offering with target customer requirements.

The first step typically involves gaining deep customer insight to inform business strategy development. The end result is improved performance, stemming from increased sales, effectiveness, and revenue.

Why Strategy Consulting from EquiBrand?

  • Top marketing consulting firm with a proven track record
  • Focus on establishing marketing objectives, strategies and plans
  • Full set of marketing consulting services, integrating offline and digital marketing
  • Strategy consulting team experience encompasses business strategy, market research and agency skills
  • Complete marketing consulting services, from brand strategy through strategic marketing initiatives development and implementation

Anticipated Strategic Marketing Firm Benefits

  • An internal and customer-informed brand vision to serve as a touchstone for the organization
  • The optimal brand positioning designed to maximize target relevancy and competitive differentiation
  • Marketing programs and messaging concepts designed to align with the positioning and improve brand image

  • Brand identity development, including the creative brief and look & feel concepts to define the brand strategy

Related Service Offerings

As a leading business strategy consulting firm, we bring deep branding, digital, and innovation expertise to every engagement

  • Developing marketing strategies and plans, based on deep customer insight

  • Delivering the optimal customer experience, in both offline and digital environments

  • Expanding the business and brand through growth and innovation strategy development

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