Project Description

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA Downtown Skyline

Community leaders were looking to improve their region’s competitive position vs other cities.

Diverse public and private sector groups were creating branded initiatives to address image gaps and drive growth. While well-intended, the groups lacked common insight into the current situation, and individual brand development efforts lacked cohesion.

A coordinated approach to brand development was used, including obtaining customer insight and establishing a common brand architecture framework to improve brand clarity, synergy, and leverage.


  • Multiple internal constituents charged with economic development in a complex, decentralized environment
  • The region’s actual “product” experience far exceeds “going-in perception”

  • Diffused branding efforts by “siloed” organizations (multiple targets, logos, taglines, and websites)


  • Brand equity assessment to understand issues and opportunities
  • Brand visioning to confirm key issues and develop alternative solutions
  • Customer framework to identify and select high-potential targets
  • Comprehensive brand strategy, including detailed implementation action plan
  • Brand positioning and architecture development, across three frames (place to work, visit and conduct business)
  • Creative exploration to “bring the brand to life”


  • Internal alignment around strategy and brand identity platform
  • Brand strategy council to direct region-wide communication efforts
  • Creative development consistent with new brand positioning

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