Project Description

Repositioning a leading prescription drug

As part of a biotech product launch, a pharmaceutical company was looking to create a unified brand positioning and portfolio management approach across various product forms.

Establishing the portfolio required assessing current and future product forms and indications and then integrating product platforms to maximize impact and obtain efficiencies.

Iterative concept development was used internally and with physicians and patients to identify and confirm the optimal solution.


  • New product capsule form (versus intravenous delivery) being launched with expanded indication

  • Existing I.V. product communicating a number of messages in a variety of ways, resulting in an unclear positioning and confusion in the field
  • Opportunity to reestablish leadership positioning within a new competitive arena and clarify roles of various product forms


  • Exploratory research with physicians, patients and managed care reps

  • Brand repositioning development, based on proprietary concept optimization process
  • Brand architecture strategy, including product nomenclature and role of masterbrand vs. individual product brands


  • Clarity in positioning, brand architecture and messaging across professional and consumer targets
  • Redesigned and integrated marketing materials (e.g., website, in-office, direct-to-patient), incorporating new positioning, messaging framework and creative brief

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