Customer Insights & Analytics

Is your organization maniacally focused on gaining customer insights as the platform for growth?

Deep customer insights – and the right strategy to act on them – are foundational to brand and business growth.

For insight to be useful, though, it needs to clear a high hurdle: it must be deep, proprietary, forward-looking, and actionable.

At EquiBrand, we combine consumer insight research, an analytical approach and creativity to grow stronger brands and businesses.

As a top market research consulting firm, we conduct our own quantitative and qualitative research methods — filtered through EquiBrand’s proven frameworks — to turn consumer insight into action.

Customer Insights & Analytics

Market research can lead to insight, but on its own, is not insight.

Deep insight goes beyond knowledge and understanding to uncover the whys and strategic implications.

As a top marketing research consulting firm, we help business leaders obtain customer insight and then use that insight to create powerful growth strategies.

Market Research Consulting Methods

  • Exploratory research and ethnographic studies

  • Customer segmentation and targeting

  • Customer framework development

  • Create-test-and-learn concept iteration

  • Brand research: brand positioning, brand extension, brand awareness, and brand tracking studies.

Problems We Solve through Consumer Insights Research

Guided by business strategy expertise, we employ a structured approach to inform where-to-play and how-to-win decision-making.

  • What is the customer framework to structure and explain the end consumer?

  • Who are the most valuable consumers to target and what are their needs, attitudes, and benefits sought?

  • What is the desired value proposition that maximizes target relevance and competitive distinctiveness?

  • How should we establish a brand or portfolio of brands to maximize value and create competitive insulation?

Customer Insights and Market Research Specialists

We use a research-driven, consultative approach to growth, drawing on proven upstream marketing principles and practices.

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