Growth Strategy Development


  • To finalize the brand strategy, including recommended brand portfolio approach, brand positioning, and brand action plan/communication brief through market planning

Major Activities

  • Synthesize all prior step outputs and prepare recommended brand portfolio strategy
  • Conduct work session with client team to review and discuss brand portfolio strategy and plans, including brand positioning recommendations
  • Drawing on work session feedback, finalize the recommended strategy, and create the communication brief; present to client team for approval
  • Brief internal and external communication constituents, to ensure understanding of brand strategy recommendations

Key Deliverables

  • General learning and strategic guidance, including consumer dynamics and leverage points
  • Finalized positioning statement(s) and messaging concepts, with focus on consumer relevancy and competitive differentiation
  • Key factors driving concept appeal (“the whys”) and motivating proof points
  • Brand attribute, brand benefit and emotional linkages
  • Communication brief (objectives, target, positioning, tone and manner), marketing planning and action plan for moving the brand portfolio forward

Key outputs of this step are used as an input into initial strategic visioning step.