Business Growth Strategy Development

Business growth strategy development involves identifying Strategic Opportunity Areas (SOAs) which are large, strategically attractive areas to look for profitable growth. SOAs can come from a variety of sources, and can include new products, brand extensions, new channels, acquisitions and other initiatives. Strategic growth areas should be documented in a consistent manner to allow them to be evaluated and prioritized for additional consideration.

Here is a review of potential sources and a sample SOA write-up:

Strategic opportunities describe the growth area with a focus on customer needs and benefits sought

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Growth Strategy Development Issues

  • What is the full set alternative strategic growth opportunity areas to consider (drawing on strategic direction setting and focused ideation)?
  • What benefits (both internal and external) does each SOA offer?

  • Which of these are judged to be most attractive? How do the SOAs pass various screens, across strategic, customer and financial/operational screens?

  • Can an initial business case be made to demonstrate market success potential?

Strategic Opportunity Area Approach

  • Once SOAs have initially been established and documented, interim screening is performed to narrow the list.

  • As the SOA progresses from strategic area, to focused ideation, to specific business concepts, additional screens are used to ensure strategic, operational and customer requirements are met.

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