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Your website is the hub of your digital marketing strategy.   Everything you do online – social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, SEO, and paid search –is more effective when it’s centered around a professional website designed to maximize customer conversion.

At EquiBrand, our online marketing specialists take a strategic, customer-focused approach to website design and development, with a focus on engaging and converting customers.  So whatever the intended result – improving brand appeal, capturing leads, converting customers, selling products – our focus is on business impact (vs. a design focused strictly on visual appeal).

Website Design and Development Process

Here’s what you can expect in working with EquiBrand on website design and development:

  • Our digital marketing consultant process starts with Persona Development and Customer Journey Mapping to understand purchase behavior and the factors that drive action. From there, we create navigation structure, site architectures and wireframes. These wireframes – black and white schematics of web pages – are used to direct website design and prioritize key elements of the page

  • Next, we will work with website designers to overlay alternative web “look and feels” on to the design, which allows for creativity in executing against the brand development brief. Our inbound marketing consultant can work with either your in-house design department or tap into our network of independent designers, mapping alternative design styles to the confirmed wireframes, sitemap and brand brief. We work directly with the design to refine designs including multiple rounds of feedback and revisions

  • Once the designs are approved, our inbound marketing consultants develop the site. More and more, we are working with a limited set of Content Management Systems (CMS), with WordPress being the preferred approach, which allows for easier modifications to web designs, such as changing copy or creating a new section of the site. We can also assist with creating landing pages, developing A/B and multivariate testing, and developing new offers to maximize conversion
  • Finally, we provide seamless integration with your other digital assets, including blogging, social media marketing, search marketing, email marketing applications and others. Our digital marketing specialists can either develop these systems on their own, work with your existing providers, or find new vendor partners, as helpful

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