Customer Journey Maps

Are you making it easy for customers to buy from you?

Increasingly, how something is communicated and delivered can be as important as what’s offered.

Customer journey mapping is used to understand when, where, and how to best reach customers to influence their decisions. Emphasis is on understanding the entire process that customers undergo, so you can reach them in the right place, at the right time, with the right message.

Drawing on customer personas and a variety of customer journey mapping tools, we work with you to map the customer decision journey in detail. We then develop the marketing touch points plan, including implications for offering development, media mix allocation, and messaging.

Customer Journey Issues

  • What is the overall customer decision journey process? How do customers consider, evaluate and purchase products and services within the category?
  • Do customers rely more on traditional “push” marketing or on inbound “pull” marketing through digital marketing, social media and search? How might this shift over time?

  • Considering the customer journey experience map, how well is the client executing against the customer journey today vs. key competitors? What improvement opportunities might exist going forward?

Customer Journey Mapping Approach

  • Customer journey mapping begins with internal interviews and workshops to hypothesize the various steps in the decision and purchase process. Focus is on understanding customer actions, motivations, barriers and opportunities. EquiBrand proprietary journey mapping tools are used to ensure all decision points and factors (rational to emotional) are considered in this stage

  • Customer research is the next step, drawing on in-depth interviews, observational and ethnographic research. Initial hypothesized maps are revised – in some cases dramatically – to reflect the actual journey customers take. During this step, insight is obtained on the current and desired customer experience, to help identify improvement opportunities. Our consultants are adept at using a variety of tools to create customer journey maps and identify the ideal experience.

  • The end result of this process is a journey diagram that illustrates the decision journey as well as key leverage points for a redesigned, improved process

While traditional marketing remains important in many categories, digital customer journey mapping recognizes how customers increasingly approach decision. The implication is that marketers must increase investments in interactive, pull communication (vs. static, push) to influence customer-driven touchpoints.

The challenge then becomes aligning and activating these touchpoints through a marketing strategy and plan. Our strategic marketing consultants have deep expertise in how to infuse online marketing into your organization’s overall marketing approach.

Related Service Offerings

  • Persona development provides insight into target customer needs and helps inform customer journey maps

  • Customer touchpoints demonstrate where and how to intersect customers as the purchase process unfolds

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