EquiBrand’s Innovation Consulting Firm Expertise

Marketing Consulting FirmInnovation is the hallmark of great businesses. As a leading innovation consulting firm, our work is based on a discrete set of highly effective principles and processes that can dramatically improve the chances of new business success.

EquiBrand innovation consultants use a balanced approach to business growth, drawing on the principles of insight, a strong identity, and innovation to systematically grow your business.

Growth strategy and innovation consulting projects encompass strategic direction setting through process development. Our business growth consultants assist clients in six key areas:

Innovation Strategy

Innovation strategy development involves clarifying overall business goals, defining the financial growth gap and identifying potential growth levers to address through innovation.

Chart the Course

Innovation strategy involves establishing growth goals, the financial growth gap and establishing strategic roles to focus innovation.

Strategic Opportunity Areas

Strategic growth areas provide additional focus and direction by pinpointing specific growth areas, including new products, new services, etc.

Focus Innovation

Strategic opportunities can come from anywhere. The key is knowing where to look and then focusing innovation on high potential areas through strategic, financial, operational and customer screening.

Value Proposition

Value proposition development articulates the key benefits to be delivered by the company or product, often extending beyond the core product or service.

Optimize the Value Delivered

Define and develop fully optimized new products and services as an input into commercialization and launch planning.

Product Development

Managing new products and services involves balancing new product strategy formation, customer needs assessment, creative concept development and marketplace execution.

Drive New Product Growth

New product growth is best accomplished using a disciplined strategic framework and other proven new product consulting tools and techniques. Learn more how our new product consultants can help.

Innovation Workshops

Ready to roll-up your sleeves through an innovation workshop? Immerse your team in a collaborative innovation experience with real-time application.

Organize to Innovate

Our innovation workshops bring focus and commitment to growth and innovation. We address all innovation components – strategy development, opportunity assessment, focused ideation, concept development – in a streamlined manner.

Innovation Process & Enablers

Innovation Process Development encompasses developing a sustainable innovation process, including process design, roles, responsibilities.

Organize to Innovate

While organization and culture are often overlooked as “soft stuff” that doesn’t matter, these are the very things that differentiate best practice innovators. Learn how to apply best practices here.

Innovation strategy consulting projects begin with a strategic audit to identify customer needs, opportunities, and brand leverage points. Our innovation consultants then work to identify and prioritize adjacent growth opportunities strategic, financial and operational screens. New concepts are then developed and optimized with customer groups, followed by implementation planning. Throughout the process, customer input is balanced with management judgment to ensure that distinctive, feasible solutions emerge.

Related Innovation Consulting Service Offerings

In addition to innovation consulting, we offer the following related services

  • Marketing consulting, including segmentation, targeting, positioning and marketing mix planning

  • Brand development, from initial concepts through naming and identity development

  • Digital marketing, designed to capitalize on channel dynamics in driving growth

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Why an Innovation Consultant from EquiBrand?

  • Top growth strategy consulting firm with a proven track record, from innovation strategy development through execution

  • Focus on innovation strategy, opportunity definition and value proposition development, through product launch
  • Messaging concepts designed to align with the positioning and improve brand image
  • Brand identity development, including the creative brief and look & feel concepts to define the brand strategy

Anticipated Benefits of Working with EquiBrand

  • An innovation strategy, process and action plan designed to drive business growth
  • Clearly identified strategic opportunity areas (new products, new services, value proposition planks)
  • Innovation process performance, including strategic direction setting, concept development, screening and launch, through real-time pilot program
  • Accelerated innovation, with focus on improved efficiency and effectiveness to enhance new product growth

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