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New Products DevelopmentDeveloping new products and services involves balancing product strategy formation, customer needs assessment, creative concept development, and marketplace execution. Product management is best accomplished using a disciplined strategic framework and other proven product development tools and techniques.

As a leading product development consulting firm, EquiBrand works closely with cross-functional client teams to establish product objectives, strategies, and plans. Using proprietary creative-analytic tools, our product development consultants help clients create innovative product portfolio concepts which are then optimized in “real-time” with target customers. Plans for commercialization and launch are then developed, guided by strategic, financial, and operational screening.

Product Development Issues

  • What is the full set alternative strategic growth opportunity areas to consider (drawing on strategic direction setting and focused ideation)?

  • What benefits (both internal and external) does each product development opportunity offer?

  • Which of these are judged to be most attractive? How do product opportunities pass various screens, across strategic, customer, and financial/operational screens?

  • Can an initial business case be made to demonstrate market success potential?

Product Development Consulting Approach

  • Product development and innovation consulting projects often begin with a diagnostic audit to identify the strengths and improvement opportunities of the current approach

  • Working with the development team, a growth strategy is then created which outlines the growth gap and expected roles of new products and services

  • A market needs assessment is performed, including an environmental scan, which helps identify potential product platform opportunities

  • Concept ideation and iterative optimization follows, leading to fully developed concepts and prototypes ready for commercialization and launch

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