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Establishing a robust and defensible brand positioning is a make-or-break proposition. Yet many companies view their brand initiatives only in terms of communication or fail to link their branding efforts to the overall business strategy effectively.

EquiBrand is a premier brand strategy consultancy that can help define and align your brand strategy with communication activities to maximize value.

We work with clients to define, differentiate, and position brands to maximize customer relevance and competitive differentiation. We then identify brand action plans, including communication objectives, strategies, and plans, delivered across the customer journey to improve brand appeal and differentiation.

Brand Positioning Issues

  • What is the brand image today? What are the relative strengths to leverage or gaps to fill?
  • What are the rational and emotional benefits sought and key decision drivers among target customers?
  • How are competitors positioned? What “white space” market opportunities exist?

  • How does the brand strategy translate into a brand action plan, including the creative brief, communication plans and touch point strategy?
  • How should we monitor and measure brand performance over time?
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Market Positioning Approach

  • An internal and external brand audit is conducted by our branding consultants to confirm the current image and generate potential identity and positioning platforms

  • Focused ideation is then used to create potential benefit-based solutions for delivering on the customer requirements

  • Our brand consultants then develop alternative market position concepts which are then optimized with customers in “real time,” to maximize relevancy and differentiation

  • Brand action plans are then developed to identify clear, specific action steps for bottom-line impact

More on Strategic Positioning

As a top brand strategy consulting firm, here is additional perspective on positioning development:

  • Positioning strategy addresses the question, “What is brand positioning?”

  • Positioning template offers a fill-in-the-blank statement to facilitate strategic discipline

  • Case examples show four different ways to strategically position a brand

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To win in the marketplace, brands must maximize customer relevancy and competitive differentiation. Positioning provides the strategic platform for communication strategies, plans and creative design. Contact us to get started or learn more.
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