Brand Architecture Template

Once key brand architecture elements have been developed and considered, its useful to create a brand architecture template that can be used to evaluate alternative brand architecture models.

Brand Architecture Template

Brand Architecture Template

In its simplest form, a series of PowerPoint slides are developed, showing 1) a brand hierarchy on the left-hand side  (e.g., master brand, sub-brand/endorsed brand, product brand); 2) free space in the center to structure the alternatives and 3) room for pros/cons analysis on the bottom.  Here is a brand architecture template example

Practically speaking, colored sticky notes and flip chart pads are a great way to demonstrate at a conceptual level, brand architecture alternatives in a workshop setting.

Since brand architecture development is about logic, structure and perceptual distance between products and brands, this approach allows for demonstrating alternative structures.  Each flip chart page represents a separate alternative, with colored stickies used to represent various products and brands.

An important point: Focus on the perceptual distance between various products and brands.  Don’t worry about whether the approach favors a house of brands vs. branded house or classifying a brand as a “sub-brand,” “endorsed brand,” “driver brand,” “shadow endorser” or any of the other descriptive term.

We find that these terms have a tendency to get in the way of a sound, strategic structure.  Focus first on the perceptual distance, structure and order. Then apply the terms at the very end.  Consider alternative brand architecture examples and other factors in managing brand architecture in fully developing and assessing alternatives.

Once the frameworks are fully developed, including pros and cons of each, review the individual frameworks against the brand architecture objectives (of clarity, synergy, and leverage) and the brand architecture principles, to prioritize and prepare final brand architecture framework alternatives.

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