Project Description

A combination drug-device company was looking to enter the diabetes category with a new-to-the-world solution.

The client needed to solve a number of open issues, including physician and patient understanding, target selection, brand architecture, positioning and naming development.

A market-based approach was used in aligning the brand promise with customer requirements, including “working backward” concept iteration.


  • Biopharmaceutical company launching breakthrough metabolic disease therapy
  • Early phase clinical results suggest potential to alter the treatment paradigm, though requires significant education and behavioral changes
  • Strong clinical foundation, with marketing elements (e.g., distribution, brand identity, product positioning, selling messages, etc.)


  • Exploratory physician research to inform brand strategy development
  • Focused ideation to develop an array of testable positioning and naming directions
  • Working sessions with clinical thought leaders to link emerging clinical data and practices with positioning and messaging alternatives
  • Qualitative and quantitative pharmaceutical market research validation, across pharmacists, primary care and physician specialists


  • Alignment of brand vision across organization to drive supporting activities (e.g., clinical studies, advisory group agenda, investor and distribution partnership presentations, etc.)
  • Recommended brand positioning, messaging, brand name and logo alternatives to bring the brand to life

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