Looking for an experienced place branding consultant?

EquiBrand has specific expertise in place branding, including creating brand strategies, action plans and identity standards for regions, cities and other destinations.

Whether called place branding, city branding, tourism marketing or destination branding, we help governments, tourist boards, community groups and institutions create relevant customer experiences to drive economic growth.

Place Branding Tourism

Creating great destination brands, as a place to work, live and enjoy!

Countries, states, regions, cities and institutions compete for tourist dollars, business income, and often tax bases, and it’s important to maximize relevancy with consumers and differentiate vs. competitive offerings.

As a leading place branding agency, we draw on proven brand development principles to create actionable brands for our destination marketing clients.

Place branding is designed to create a single, unifying brand and extend it to related offerings and interactions, in attracting tourists, businesses and target consumers. Often, the place itself is comprised of a broad set of assets, so obtaining commitment across diverse stakeholders is key to gaining organization and brand alignment.

Similar to brand development for consumer and business categories, destination, tourism or city branding typically includes creation of the extended value proposition, brand positioning and brand architecture.

Benefits of Destination Branding

Anticipated benefits of a unified, branded place include:

  • A clear, credible and customer-informed vision to serve as a touchstone for the branded place, going forward

  • A relevant and distinctive value proposition and positioning designed to maximize consumer appeal and competitive differentiation

  • A brand architecture framework for aligning various organizations in support of the master brand, with the end objective of achieving economic leverage
  • Shared enthusiasm and internal buy-in across the state, region, city or destination organizations for delivering an integrated brand, based on group identification and resolution of key internal and external issues
  • Improved efficiencies, accelerated implementation and increased return on investment (ROI) through better coordination of marketing efforts

Place Branding Case Examples

Click here for a typical destination branding case example. EquiBrand also has expertise creating branding strategies across industry clusters, in establishing special regional centers within targeted categories. For more generalized case studies, click here to understand the depth and breadth of branding expertise we bring to each assignment.

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