Customer Insights & Analytics

Is your organization maniacally focused on the wants and needs of the end customer?

Deep customer insights — and the right strategy to act on them –are foundational to brand and business growth. An outside-in, consumer-driven approach helps identify growth opportunities and counteract the bias of internal focus.

For insight to be useful, though, it needs to clear a high hurdle: it must be deep, proprietary, forward-looking, and actionable.

At EquiBrand, we combine market research and a fact-based, analytical approach with creativity to grow stronger brands and businesses.

We conduct our own quantitative and qualitative research—often using proprietary EquiBrand tools and techniques and a broad spectrum of research methods to obtain deep proprietary insight into customer thinking and behaviors.

Customer Insights & Analytics

Market research can lead to insight, but on its own, is not in sight.

True insight is the ability to understand something in a very clear way by gaining an intuitive understanding of the situation. Deep insight goes beyond knowledge and understanding to uncover the whys and strategic implications.

EquiBrand helps business leaders obtain deep customer insight and then use that insight to create powerful brand and marketing strategies.

Market Research Consulting Methods

  • Exploratory Research and Ethnographic Studies

  • Customer Segmentation and Targeting

  • Customer Demand Framework Development

  • Create-Test-and-Learn Concept Iteration

  • Brand Research: Brand Positioning Research, Brand Extension Research, Brand Awareness Research, and Brand Tracking Studies.

Problems We Solve

Guided by deep consumer marketing experience and expertise, we employ a structured approach to inform where-to-play and how-to-win decision-making.

  • What is the customer framework to structure and explain the end consumer?

  • Who are the most valuable consumers to target and what are their needs, attitudes, and benefits sought?

  • What is the desired value proposition that maximizes target relevance and competitive distinctiveness?

  • How should we establish a brand or portfolio of brands to maximize value and create competitive insulation?

Customer Insights and Market Research Specialists

We use a research-driven, consultative approach to growth, drawing on proven upstream marketing principles and practices.

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