Marketing templates can help isolate issues and inform solutions

Our strategic marketing consultants are adept at developing and applying consulting templates to help solve complex problems.  Here are some useful frameworks, marketing templates and techniques that we use in our marketing, branding and innovation consulting engagements.

What is Brand Strategy? Infographic

Defines brand strategy, its key components and approach via a one-page infographic

Brand Management Overview

Explains branding concepts via case examples, including how brands differ vs. commodities

Brand Development Framework

Shows how to improve brand image and brand equity through brand strategy development

Brand Positioning Definition

Defines strategic positioning, its strategic components and alternative positioning strategies

Brand Architecture Template

Offers a simple though effective approach to brand portfolio alternatives development

Innovation Best Practices

Identifies 10 innovation best principles, based on EquiBrand’s in-depth study of key innovators.

Marketing Plan Development

Includes marketing plan templates for objectives, strategies and tactics development

Intro to EquiBrand Consulting

Describes the firm, key principles, typical client deliverables and project benefits

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Questions about how to apply these tools & templates to your business?

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