Guided Implementation

EquiBrand is recognized as one of the top implementation consulting firms focused on upstream marketing execution. We do this through guided implementation services. This can take the form of facilitated strategy sessions, internal coaching and assistance in developing marketing materials, including working with internal resources or outside agency partners.


  • To ensure smooth transition of agreed upon brand portfolio strategy and action plan, including elevating awareness and understanding of implementation requirements

Major Activities

  • Conduct review session with key constituents (e.g., agencies, web-site designers, etc.) for transition to creative implementation/execution
  • Identify open issues, gaps and support needed for implementing and extending recommendations throughout the organization
  • Facilitate working session(s) to address open issues and identify action plans to facilitate implementation
  • As necessary, review creative executions (performed by client or other agencies) to ensure on-strategy delivery

Key Deliverables

  • Review session presentation

  • Raw output for discussions and work sessions

Key outputs of this step are used as an input into initial strategic visioning step. Contact us to understand the benefits of guided execution and see why we are considered one of the top implementation consulting firms for upstream marketing services.