Project Description

HR Consulting & Conversation

A financial services firm was looking to spin out a non-core business unit that emerged organically. The spin-out operated within the human resources consulting and outsourcing sectors and was only tangentially related to the parent company’s core financial service offerings.

In preparing for the sale, company leadership wanted to establish a new brand, value proposition, brand positioning, and name separate from the parent organization. With the new identity set, the new business was launched and ultimately divested.


  • Diversification strategy into non-traditional banking services
  • Organic growth of human resources consulting and outsourcing organizations

  • Unclear brand architecture and strategic positioning at both the corporate and HR-sector level


  • Customer segmentation framework to identify customer needs and most attractive targets
  • Competitive and best practice assessment to identify positioning opportunity areas
  • Brand architecture and strategic positioning recommendations to maximize clarity, synergy and leverage
  • Communication strategy and plans to launch the new offering


  • Integration of internal corporate values with market-facing strategies
  • Focused communication strategies, plans and tactics

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