Innovation Process & Enablers

Innovation ConsultingA systematic process for innovation and new product and service management greatly improves success rates. Experience has helped EquiBrand establish highly effective processes for uncovering new business solutions that win in the marketplace.

Through our innovation consulting and new product consulting services, we offer clients a comprehensive set of methodologies, tools and frameworks which maximize process efficiency and effectiveness, including “real time” pilot programs.

Our goal is to develop market driven concepts and an optimized process, customized to the clients’ needs.

Innovation Process & Enablers Issues

  • What are the strengths and improvement opportunities of the current new business development process?
  • Where do the greatest process improvement opportunities lie (i.e., strategic direction setting, screening, commercialization, etc.)?
  • What unmet needs or friction points exist in the category today? How can these translate into innovation sparks to fuel new product development success?
  • Has market research been fully leveraged to identify business opportunities and increase brand and business equity?
  • What best practices improvement opportunities exist, including co-location of cross functional teams, stage gate process adherence, new product and service screening, etc.?

Innovation Process & Enablers Approach

  • Innovation consulting and new products process consulting efforts begin with a diagnostic audit to identify the strengths and improvement opportunities of the current process
  • A pilot process is then established and implemented in “real time,” pairing EquiBrand’s innovation consultants with cross functional client team members
  • Process successes and improvement opportunities are noted throughout the pilot phase
  • The recommended process is then fully documented, including roles, responsibilities, project goals, activities and outputs
  • The end result includes new product concepts, supported by a finely-tuned development process

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