EquiBrand delivers integrated, upstream marketing solutions

EquiBrand leverages insight, identity and innovation best practices and capabilities in delivering the following consulting services:

EquiBrand effectively blends three core skill sets on every consulting assignment, as demonstrated here:

  1. Fact-based, analytical power typical of traditional management consulting firms
  2. Customer insights and creativity, consistent with agency skill sets; and
  3. Operational and P&L orientation, common in top-tier brand management companies



This ensures fully integrated, actionable solutions emerge.  So, marketing research reports find their way into creative plans (vs. ending up on an office shelf).  Brand strategies are linked with business operations.  Functional objectives and strategies are aligned.

An important point:  when considering a management consulting firm, be sure to review the bios of key consulting team members.  If the consultants’ education and experience favors art direction or copywriting, there is a good chance the marketing “solution” will involve a new logo, an ad, or other similar output. Take a look at the bios of our team members for added perspective.