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Brand Identity Development

Great design brings a brand’s positioning to life. It drives customer relevance, competitive differentiation and internal alignment. EquiBrand’s creative team develops brand communication that speaks clearly and helps deliver on our clients’ business objectives.

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Brand perceptions are created as much by what companies do as by what they say.  EquiBrand offers branding identity services to help bring the brand to life across the entire spectrum of brand/customer interactions.

Branding identity services involve establishing specific branding plans, tactics and creative concepts to drive business growth. Whether this involves external communications or integration of internal initiatives, EquiBrand helps develop the optimal branding identity and can also assist with implementation.  When evaluating brand strategy firms, consider the full range of capabilities offered.

Brand Identity Issues

  • How does the brand strategic positioning translate into the brand identity, including the creative brief, messaging and media?
  • What is required to fully execute against the brand, through awareness-building, customer acquisition and retention programs, including social media integration?
  • How should resources be allocated across plan elements and marketing partners to maximize brand and business growth?
  • What is required to ensure internal support and alignment with marketing strategy, from brand guidelines to organizational structure, to internal roll-out meetings?

Brand Identity Approach

  • EquiBrand is equipped to work with existing client partners or through our own creative branding experts to implement plans and programs
  • We have an extensive network of branding resource partners, across creative design, advertising, PR, website development and other services, to execute and deliver an integrated brand-customer experience
  • This ensures a comprehensive set of services vs. those of other brand strategy firms

Brand positioning  and brand architecture are common inputs to brand identity, to ensure on-strategy development.

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Optimize our brand image, identity and design

Great brand design should inform, inspire and reflect the brand's positioning. EquiBrand creates brand identities that resonate with customers, inspire internal team members and align with the business objectives to drive growth. Contact us to learn more.
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