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Brand Strategy

Considering a brand consultant to help with brand positioning, architecture and identity development?

A brand is one of the few things a company can own forever. Without patents, technological insulation, or barriers to entry, a company’s brand  the relationship it has with its customers  is one of the few things a company can rely on to extract value over time. The strongest, most enduring brands result from the disciplined alignment of brand strategies and plans with customer requirements.


EquiBrand offers strategic branding consulting services across the following:

  • Brand Positioning defines the conceptual space the brand should play relative to competitors, and is fundamental to marketing, communication and messaging development
  • Brand Architecture is the logical, strategic and relational structure of all brands in the portfolio
  • Brand Extension involves stretching the brand into attractive categories, as a means of driving business growth
  • Brand Naming is key for companies, products and brands to standout in today’s cluttered media environment.
  • Brand Action Plan Development involves bringing the brand to life and establishing the implementation plan to deliver the strategy

EquiBrand works with companies from brand strategy through fully integrated action plans to develop, manage and grow strong brands. Our strategic brand consultant services combine strategic thinking, analytical rigor and creativity in establishing powerful brands.

To initiate a call or meeting to discuss your strategic brand consultant needs, please call Tim Koelzer at (925) 247-1400 or send Tim a contact form.  

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