Why EquiBrand is Consistently Rated among the Top Brand Consulting Firms

EquiBrand is recognized among the leading brand consulting firms, as confirmed by recent industry rankings.  In 2017, Forbes listed EquiBrand as one of American’s best management consulting firms, followed in 2018 by Advisory HQ’s rating as Top Marketing Consulting Firm.  These listings of top firms consider a variety of factors, including ranking by colleague and client surveys, as well as in-depth analysis of client impact.

Why EquiBrand?

To dig a little deeper, we turned to our clients to understand key differentiators for EquiBrand vs. other leading brand consulting firms. Here’s what they said:

  • EquiBrand offers a comprehensive set of brand management consulting services, including:
  • The firm employs an analytical, market-driven approach that balances business judgment and experience with qualitative and quantitative market research
  • EquiBrand has a track record of successfully building dozens of global brands and businesses across B2C and B2B categories, including consumer products and services, healthcare, insurance, financial services, automotive, technology, etc.
  • Experienced management consultants understand marketing cost-drivers (e.g., brand proliferation, overuse of downstream marketing tactics) and employ discipline, analytics and planning to lower costs and improve ROI
  • EquiBrand’s senior leadership team offers classic agency/marketing, strategic consulting and P&L management skills, and the people you meet with initially are the ones who will be working on your business

Why Upstream Marketing?

EquiBrand Rated among the Leading Brand Consulting Firms

Underlying EquiBrand’s success is a set of proven, upstream marketing principles that set the stage for developing market-driven growth strategies and plans.  The strongest brands and businesses are built upstream through the combined principles of:

Insight. Gaining a deeper level of customer understanding as the basis for competitive advantage;

Identity. Building a strong brand identity that meets customer needs and aligns with company operations; and

Innovation. Ensuring a continual stream of innovative solutions to meet evolving customer needs and grow and expand the business

The key to marketing success is that each principle builds upon the other, reinforcing and magnifying it. Combined, they form an integrated whole, much more powerful than the sum of the parts.

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