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Considering a B2B marketing consulting firm?  Make sure your B2B marketing consultant understands the critical differences compared to B2C sectors.

B2B Marketing ConsultantThe principles of marketing may be the same across industries, though business-to-business marketing requires a specialized approach and deep B2B market understanding.

B2B marketing has unique dynamics not seen in consumer marketing. These include greater reliance on rational decision-making, including ROI and economic proof points; longer sales cycle and team-based buying; and greater emphasis on customer relationships.

We help B2B marketing leaders identify new opportunities and build new capabilities to win. Our B2B marketing consulting team takes a structured, disciplined approach to B2B marketing, drawing on proven marketing principles.

B2B Marketing Consulting Approach

Our B2B marketing consulting team is adept at B2B market research and the inputs necessary for strategy formulation.

We start by obtaining deep insight into the three C’s – Customer, Competitor, and Company – to uncover market-driven growth opportunities.

We then use these insights to help business leaders identify where to play and how to win opportunities.

Action-oriented recommendations, across content creation, lead generation, and other marketing efforts are developed to attract more customers.

B2B Marketing Consulting Services

  • Customer Analytics and Segmentation for Account Based Marketing

  • Thought-leadership and Content Marketing, Bridging with Digital Marketing (e.g., Keyword Analysis and SEO)

  • Value Proposition Development

  • Dynamic Customer Experience and Improved Customer Journey

  • Guided Implementation

B2B Marketing Consulting Issues

  • What are customers’ needs and buying processes?
  • How do business-to-business customers perceive the product and brand relative to key competitors?

  • What are the company’s relative strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?
  • What opportunities exist for improving the company’s market position?

B2B Market Research Approach

As a leading B2B market research agency, we conduct our qualitative and quantitative research as an input to B2B growth marketing development.

Whether fielded in-house or using our preferred research vendors, we provide the necessary fact-base to support strategic marketing decision-making.

Our marketing consultants use market assessment findings to confirm the issues to address in subsequent marketing consulting project steps.

B2B Market Research Services

  • B2B Customer Segmentation and Buyer Personas

  • B2B Customer Decision Journey and Buying Process

  • B2B Brand Research, including Brand Tracking Studies

  • Product Development Research, including Concept Iteration

  • Content Marketing and Thought Leadership

We also offer digital marketing consulting services, to support our B2B clients undergoing digital transformation.

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