Project Description

Hospital Marketing Firm

A leading hospital supply company wanted to increase efficiencies through a streamlined value proposition and a re-launched private label program.

The existing proposition and program were managed ad hoc which contributed to inefficiencies and customer confusion.

A new value proposition, private label program, and brand positioning were developed using a market-driven, test-and-learn approach.


  • National supply company providing value added services to member hospitals, with a focus on enhancing supply chain efficiency
  • Existing private label program overly complex, not well positioned and under attack from other distributorships


  • Situation assessment to confirm category, customer, company and channel dynamics
  • Qualitative and quantitative medical market research with hospital buyers, suppliers, and distributors to identify and assess purchase criteria, procurement opportunities and private label equity
  • Brand strategy concept optimization, designed to maximize relevancy, differentiation and brand fit (with organization mission)
  • Comprehensive brand strategy, including detailed implementation action plan


  • Redesigned private label program, including streamlined product assortment and revamped pricing strategy
  • Increased program penetration and revenue contribution among member hospitals

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