Project Description

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The leading semiconductor chip maker and its business partners were looking to launch an integrated solution in the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) market space.

Market success required a commitment to “the common good .” As a group, though, they lacked a shared vision and strategy.

Developing the solution involved working across partner companies (computer processing, hardware, software, networks, and services) using an integrated upstream marketing framework.


  • Leading technology company and business partners looking to solidify their position in an emerging technology and networking sector
  • Diverse group of companies, lacking common vision, objectives, strategies and tactics
  • Desire to form integrated solution, across computer processing, hardware, software, networks


  • Conduct situation assessment across partners via secondary research and internal interviews
  • Prepare strategic issues and hypotheses, as input to marketing strategy and plan development
  • Facilitate strategy sessions, across all key partners, to review and refine initial plans, drawing on team member input
  • Finalize marketing strategy and plan, including prioritized tactics to launch new opportunity


  • Marketing strategy and plan itself, including details on value proposition, segmentation, targeting and positioning
  • Marketing tactics, including prioritized list of action items, responsibilities and timing in moving toward launched
  • Shared commitment for marketing the brand, based on group identification and resolution of key marketing issues

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