Joel Friedman

Joel FriedmanJoel is an award-winning copywriter who combines a talent for writing persuasively with a unique skill at single-mindedly communicating distinct ideas and their benefits.

Joel has helped generate ideas, develop new products and define unique market positions across a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, vision care, financial services, packaged goods, restaurants, beverages, appliances, airlines, telecommunications, apparel, newspaper publishing, retailing and internet services, both in partnership with marketing and business consultants and directly for corporate clients. Some of the companies he’s written for are Allstate, Gillette, Abbott Labs, Mellon Bank, Samsung, Sara Lee, Johnson & Johnson, Polaroid, PepsiCo, Guidant, Frito Lay, Nabisco, Kraft, Borden and S.C. Johnson Wax.

Earlier in his career, Joel spent 16 years as a copywriter for advertising agencies including DDB Needham, J. Walter Thompson and Leo Burnett Company, where he created memorable television, radio and print advertising for clients including State Farm Insurance, General Mills, McDonald’s, Walt Disney Video, RCA, Kraft, H&R Block, Quaker Oats Co. and Sears. Joel is a close personal friend of Betty Crocker, the Hamburger Helper Helping Hand and the Empire Carpet Man.