Dorothy Polzin

Dorothy Polzin manages many aspects of EquiBrand’s market research projects, from competitive bidding, market evaluation, supplier relationships and monitored recruiting/reporting.

As a contract professional to EquiBrand through her own firm, Polzin Field Services, Dorothy has spent her professional career in the financial and market research sectors. As Vice President she developed a suburban Chicago focus group facility into a professionally recognized and nationally renowned full-service market research company. She accomplished this through her first class service to clients; honest and accurate recruiting and willingness to problem solve with clients on difficult research projects. Dorothy combines her more-than 15 years of market research experience with her formal training from the Burke Institute to develop effective screeners. Dorothy defines a successful project as “a combination of an effective screening tool, uncompromised recruiting, use of respected, proven facilities and building relationships with clients through these measures.”

Most recently she has teamed with researchers and end clients, including many from Fortune 100 companies, with satisfying results on their qualitative research projects which include; focus groups, one-on-one sessions, ethnographies an phone interviews. Her experience is based upon varied methodologies and respondent demographics.