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Strategic Positioning

Strategic positioning plays a key role in bringing focus and clarity to both upstream and downstream marketing activities. Every decision that is made regarding the brand should be judged by how well it supports and aligns with the positioning.   Our marketing consultants have broad and deep expertise in developing relevant and distinctive positionings for a broad array of clients.

Strategic positioning development should address four key questions, as follows:

Strategic Positioning Issues

  • Who is the target customer?
  • What is the category frame-of-reference?
  • What key driving benefit or set of benefits are desired by important customers?
  • What proof points or reasons-to-believe are necessary to deliver the positioning?

Strategic Positioning Consulting Approach

Pending segmentation and targeting, positioning development is performed, including preparing a benefit hierarchy to demonstrate alternative positioning areas.  From this, alternative value proposition and positioning concepts are developed and optimized internally and with end-customers.  Internal working sessions are then facilitated by our strategic marketing consultants to assess performance and close gaps in delivering on the positioning.

Marketing plan development is the next step our marketing consultants perform in determining how best to capitalize on the opportunities and realize growth.

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