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Project Description

Magazine Publisher — Innovation Consulting Case

Developing and implementing an innovation strategy, process and organizational guidelines for a leading weekly publication


  • Leading brand of celebrity and human-interest stories (i.e., the corporation’s cash cow)
  • Historical track record of innovation, balancing editorial and publishing requirements
  • Stalled innovation due to perceived business risk, lack of innovation strategy and plan, inconsistent process and organizational issues


  • Diagnostic audit on current state (i.e., not lacking creativity and ideas)
  • Strategy workshops to review innovation and brand extension best practices
  • Customer framework (across consumers and advertisers – both corporations and their agencies) to inform target selection
  • Strategic direction setting, informed by financial growth gap, strategic opportunity area definition and screening criteria
  • Innovation process developed and piloted “real time” (including ideation, screening of new and on-going initiatives and organization enablers)


  • Prioritized strategic opportunity areas (where-to-play) and related innovation concepts (how-to-win) to fuel revenue growth, including innovation product plan roadmap
  • Skills transference through collaborative approach
  • Successful launch and implementation of several identified growth concepts

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