Project Description

kids watching in mobile phone

A startup was looking to disrupt the mobile phone industry with a new concept, designed to offer benefits parents and their kids would find appealing.

Faced with competition from established players, how-to-win research was used to iterate the product concept, and create the brand story, positioning and launch strategy.

The work was also used to secure additional funding and direct influencer and engagement marketing, in seeding the market by getting the phones in the hands of target consumers.


  • Emerging company developed differentiated product concept (i.e. 3-button cell phone) targeting kids, aged 7 – 14
  • With low barriers to entry (among current category players) and constrained resources, brand development is key
  • Immediate need to build out concept and obtain additional funding


  • Interview internal team members to understand individual partner company
  • Brand strategy development, including concept optimization, positioning, brand brief (look and feel, tagline, etc.), and executive/investor presentation


  • Study findings used to secure next-stage venture funding; exit strategy executed
  • Redesigned product, brand identity, positioning and communication materials (both trade and consumer)
  • National distribution channels penetrated (mass retailer and major carrier)

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