Project Description

Personal Development Launch Plan Example

An entrepreneurial founder developed a groundbreaking approach to personal development and wanted to market it using a disciplined approach.

While the core offering was fully developed, there was limited understanding of the personal development category, competitors, and consumer wants and needs. There was also no existing plan to promote the concept, beyond word-of-mouth communication.

Drawing on the upstream marketing framework, we applied a structured approach to value proposition, segmentation, targeting, and positioning development. A marketing plan, materials and messaging were also prepared and launched.


  • Start-up personal development company looking to refine core concept (Lifebook) and expand via multi-channel marketing (seminar, online, newsletter, etc.)
  • General lack of understanding regarding consumer approach to personal development


  • Consumer fact base development (exploratory, quantitative segmentation)
  • Product concept and positioning development optimization (seminar and online)
  • Brand brief and brand identity development
  • Marketing strategy and plan development (e.g., acquisition, retention, referral planning and messaging/copywriting)


  • Online program development concept refinement
  • Offline and online digital strategy integration
  • Brand strategy, plan and tactical elements (web design and copywriting)

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