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Project Kickoff

The project kickoff is usually the first-step in consulting engagements and is useful for both assessing the market and informing subsequent project steps.  Here are typical Step One project components:


  • To gain insight into management’s vision for the business and brand, identify competitive dynamics, and lay the foundation for subsequent project steps.

Major Activities

  • Kickoff the project including client-delivered overview of the business and brand
  • Review existing research, business plans and strategy documents, as available
  • Conduct management interviews to address hypotheses, opportunities and challenges
  • Profile competitors to determine their brand positionings and strategic intent
  • Identity highest potential customer segments (e.g., demographically, behaviorally, attitudinally) for subsequent research
  • Obtain proprietary customer insights through primary research

Key Deliverables

  • Project kick-off materials, including marketing, innovation and brand strategy perspectives
  • Internal hypotheses, questions, opportunities and challenges to guide subsequent project steps

Key outputs of this step are used as an input into initial strategic visioning step.