Project Description

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A Hawaiian-based, provider of nutritional supplements was looking to develop a new brand to align with its channel management strategies.

Product sales were highly concentrated with a single club retailer, which added to corporate risk. Company leadership wanted to create a new brand to diversify its business and open up new opportunities.

The new strategy required embracing a direct-to-consumer marketing approach, including a DTC-focused brand strategy and action plan.


  • Hawaiian-based, provider of nutritional supplements within natural foods (e.g., microalgae)

  • Strong presence in Hawaii, within natural food stores, and with certain mainland retailers
  • Considering a separate brand for penetrating new retailer accounts, outside of current channels (while maintaining current relationships)
  • Seeking to expand into new, growing, related product categories (e.g., “green foods”)


  • Situation assessment to confirm key consumer and category issues
  • Consumer framework development (hypothesized), including target identification (distinct vs. core brand)
  • Concept optimization and subsequent brand development activities (e.g., brand positioning, product naming, identity development, packaging and messaging framework)
  • Quantitative research to define brand equity, screen concepts and prioritize messaging


  • New product concept (name, packaging, positioning, etc.); launch on hold
  • Brand extension opportunity assessment
  • Alignment of brand portfolio by consumer and retailer channel

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