Project Description

Hospital market research - Medical Center

Two healthcare systems were looking to develop an integrated value proposition and brand identity to market the new joint venture.

Establishing the integrated brand required understanding individual brand associations, customer needs, internal capabilities, and the interplay of the two organizations.

A patient-driven approach was used to gain deep target insight and obtain strategic alignment across the two organizations.


  • Two not-for-profit medical centers coming together to jointly provide specialized care in the region

  • Construction of an integrated, multidisciplinary outpatient medical center, including seamless coordination of early detection, treatment and support programs

  • Access to the highest quality of care and academic clinical trials for the whole community including vulnerable, underserved patient populations


  • In-depth qualitative research to understand patient and referring physician wants, needs, and preferences, along with brand associations of the separate and combined entity brands

  • Integrated value proposition development including quantitative validation of benefit areas (pain/gain points) and value elements/proof points

  • Development of a set of growth strategy concepts to intersect and align with the patient journey


  • Collaborative process, integrating two separate organizations’ culture, purpose, and values

  • Recommended integrated value proposition, brand positioning and next steps to support launch

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