Today’s marketer is as overwhelmed as today’s consumer: technology and industry disruption is driving the rapid development of new product and service benefits. As such, it is important to take a step back to understand the benefits a customer receives from your product or service.

Typically, the more benefits a product or service delivers, the better. However, not all benefits are created equal. In considering multiple benefits, think about the role each may play in a broader portfolio. 

There are three specific types of benefits and corresponding roles, as follows:

Ante Benefits include the most basic benefits of a brand, product, or service. These are considered table stakes and must be delivered to even be considered. Fast food needs to be fast. A convenience store should be convenient. Financial services need to deliver acceptable rates. Prescription medications need to work. Once ante benefits are delivered, other benefits can be layered on in broadening value.

Driver Benefits provide distinctiveness. Here, the benefits extend beyond antes to incorporate benefits that drive differentiation and purchase. This might include relationship benefits for a financial services company or extended release for a prescription drug.

Reassurance Benefits provide an emotional connection with the brand. Effectively communicating reassurance benefits require a delicate balance between implicit and explicit tactics. Telling a customer to “feel” a certain way for using a brand needs to be achieved through effective creativity, tone, and manner.

Industry Ante Driver Reassurance
Cloud Software Secure Data Easy Onboarding Take Control Of Your Business
Luxury Car Well-Built Infotainment Status Symbol
Employer Brand Job Stability Innovative Culture Feel Good About Work
Financial Services Trust Personal Attention Take Control Of Your Life
Fast Casual Food Taste Design and Ambience Sustainable Foods
Smartphone High-resolution Camera/Screen Available Apps Make Life More Fun
Brick and Mortar Retail Multi-Channel Exclusive Brands/Products Fun To Shop
Convenience Food Convenient Packaging Organic Feel Healthy
Pharmaceutical Efficacy Extended Release Feel Well Again

The strongest brands and businesses are built upstream through the combined principles of insight, identity, and innovation. Contact us to learn more about how we can help maximize your brand’s potential through continuous innovation.