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Project Description

Insurance Company – Brand Consulting Case

Extending an insurance brand to capture adjacent market opportunities within financial services


  • Property & casualty (P&C) insurer looking to extend into financial services, through professional advice, planning and products (e.g., life insurance, annuities, etc.)
  • Existing brand image (i.e., risk reduction, protection) skewing older and inconsistent with required new category associations (e.g., investment return, financial future, etc.)
  • Successful market entry requires building equity bridge from P&C to financial services


  • Exploratory research with current and potential customers (i.e., younger clients) to understand needs (e.g., savings, banking, investment) and brand stretch beyond P&C
  • Equity extension concept development, optimization and validation into new products (e.g., innovative financial plan) and messaging (“no matter where you’re starting from”)
  • Development of single customer value proposition and brand positioning that spans existing and new markets, customers and products
  • Communication audit, strategy sessions and cross functional workshops to prepare go-to-market strategies in launching new concept, including new brand messaging and guidelines


  • Go-to-market plan development, across both operational (i.e., agent communication and training) and communication components (i.e., new materials)
  • Successful launch of new products and services within investments business category (e.g., mutual funds, managed accounts, retirement products and plans)

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