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Project Description

Automotive Manufacturer #1 – Brand  Consulting Case

Building a brand architecture and individual brand identities across the portfolio


  • Current brands showing signs of diminished relevance and reduced competitive differentiation
  • Competitors aggressively pursuing market-driven strategies, including segmentation and brand management disciplines
  • Historical internal, R&D and sales-driven approach to building brands


  • Detailed input and review of attitudinal segmentation study including evaluation process and prioritization of market segments
  • Work sessions integrating R&D and Marketing organizations to distill implications from internal, competitive and consumer analysis conducted
  • Positioning development as input to consumer optimization research
  • Assistance with adopting brand management function and organization


  • Brand line-up and architecture
  • Visibility of brand management disciplines at the highest levels of the organization
  • Skills transference through collaborative working sessions
  • Organization realignment to reflect commitment to brand management

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