Healthcare market research and consulting

Seeking an experienced healthcare market research agency? For over two decades, EquiBrand has helped plan, launch, position, and reposition a broad array of healthcare-related products and services. We have experience working with hospitals, outpatient clinics, home health providers, and healthcare insurance companies.

We use proven upstream marketing frameworks and employ the latest healthcare market research techniques. Our historical leadership in consumer marketing complements the growing importance of the patient in developing, launching, and managing healthcare industry solutions.

When & Why?

We address complex marketing challenges, across every stage of company, product and brand development:

  • In-depth target understanding, including mapping needs and the patient journey with healthcare delivery models

  • Value proposition development that establishes and aligns target needs with new products, services, and programs

  • Corporate and division-level brand positioning and brand architecture development, including product naming

  • Marketing strategy and plan development including objectives, strategies, and tactics to grow the business and insulate vs. competitive offerings

We specialize in market research for healthcare which offer numerous benefits:

  • Deep experience and expertise that may not be available in-house, including healthcare and medical marketing research methods

  • Fresh thinking and cross-category perspective, across both medical and non-medical clients
  • Objectivity and fact-based decision making, particularly useful when internal consensus is lacking
  • Dedicated, external resources that can free up the internal team for other pressing business issues

EquiBrand uses a disciplined research process to ensure marketing strategies, plans and tactics are based on marketplace requirements. We have deep expertise in health care market research and can assist with the development of marketing strategies and plans across healthcare sectors.

Healthcare Marketing Research Services

We use a research-driven, consultative approach to healthcare marketing, drawing on proven upstream marketing principles and practices.

Guided by proven upstream marketing principles and practices, we employ a structured approach to inform where-to-play and how-to-win decision-making.

Relevant Healthcare Strategy Consulting Cases


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A healthcare insurance provider was undergoing transformational change, including an industry shift toward direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing. Adopting this new DTC marketing strategy required [...]

More Cases

We work across all medical-related sectors including healthcare, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. Interested in more case studies? See an expanded set of “Biobrand” or broader EquiBrand cases here.

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