Project Description

Life sciences industry cluster brand to fuel economic growth

A diverse group of community leaders was interested in creating a life sciences cluster initiative to fuel economic growth.

The region had strong businesses assets from which to build, though lacked an organizing mechanism for marketing the initiative.

A new strategic brand was developed and launched as the catalyst to connect diverse interests across business, university, and civic leaders and drive growth.


  • Geographic region with broad array of life science assets (corporations, academic institutions, etc.) though no organizing mechanism for driving growth
  • Regional economic effort formed to attract new business/research opportunities and enhance entrepreneurial capacity and intellectual property
  • Multiple points-of-view regarding core offering, targeting, and marketing approach


  • Situation assessment, including best practice and competitive review of economic clusters
  • Hypothesized customer framework to aid in target prioritization and offering definition
  • Concept development and optimization research to address core positioning, naming and logo alternatives
  • Creative brief and agency search to secure local creative partners for implementation


  • Alignment across multiple public and private entities around brand strategy, positioning and new name
  • Secured over $250 million in funding to support business formation and entrepreneurial capacity

  • Recognition of the state as one of the top four life sciences leaders in the U.S.

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