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Considering a healthcare marketing consultant, medical marketing consultant or pharmaceutical marketing consultant to drive growth?

As the cost of marketing healthcare, pharmaceutical or medical products continues to rise, increasing in-market success is critical. A customer-driven approach to biobrand marketing strategy development – in segmentation, targeting, positioning and messaging – can lead to competitive advantage and improved ROI.

Biobrand Expertise

Life science companies call us when they want to improve business performance across all stages of corporate growth and product commercialization.


Upstream Marketing 

Focus is on building powerful brands that align with the needs of patient, physician and other professional to attract and retain target customers.


Consulting Process

Our approach balances clinical understanding with customer needs to ensure effective marketing strategy and plan development.


Client Cases

See our medical marketing consulting, healthcare marketing consulting and pharmaceutical marketing consulting cases here


Marketing within pharmaceuticals, medical devices, hospitals and other healthcare categories presents unique challenges and opportunities.

  • Target customers (both physicians and patients) tend to emphasize rational (vs. emotional) benefits in their decision making.
  • Governmental regulations, managed care implications and unique go-to-market strategies (e.g., sales force practices, in-office media, customer relationship management, etc.) require deep expertise in managing the brand development and product launch process.

EquiBrand has medical marketing consultants who deeply understand and can help address these challenges.

Along with significant life science experience in working across a variety of medical professionals across a variety of consulting cases, EquiBrand’s historical leadership in consumer marketing complements the growing importance of the patient to the healthcare industry. So when you hire a pharmaceutical marketing consultant, healthcare marketing consultant or medical marketing consultant from EquiBrand, you can be assured we understand the unique dynamics of your business.

We use the latest medical market research tools and techniques to identify strong product and marketing and brand positioning opportunities.  Pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare market research, including both qualitative and quantitative methods, is key to company, product and brand development.

See our medical marketing consulting, healthcare marketing consulting and pharmaceutical marketing consulting cases here


Healthcare Client Case Studies

Clients call us when they want to …

  • Grow their existing business through improved marketing, branding and innovation
  • Enter new markets with existing products or services
  • Develop and validate entirely new business opportunities
  • Integrate businesses and brands as a result of mergers, acquisitions and re-organizations
  • Obtain deep marketing, branding, digital marketing and innovation expertise
  • Infuse fresh thinking, cross-industry perspective and objectivity
  • Free up the internal team for other pressing business issues

Why EquiBrand?

  • 15-year track record of building strong brands and businesses
  • Market-driven, customer-centric approach for improved strategic decision-making
  • Consultant skills encompass strategic consulting, business operations and classic agency/ marketing
  • Success in positioning dozens of brands, across consumer and B2B categories
  • Collaborative process that streamlines timelines, facilitates buy-in and results in skills transference
  • Our work balances strategic marketing and practical application to build brands and grow businesses

Our Healthcare Clients

We’d like to learn more about you introduce our biobrand capabilities. To initiate a call or meeting with one of our medical marketing consultants, please call Tim Koelzer at (925) 247-1400 or send Tim a contact form.

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