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Project Description

Biotech Marketing Consulting Case

Developing a unified positioning strategy across alternate product forms.  

Our client was looking to hire a biotech marketing consultant to expand the business by introducing a new product form.


  • New product capsule form (vs. I.V delivery) being launched with expanded indication
  • Existing I.V. product communicating a number of messages in a variety of ways, resulting in an unclear positioning and confusion in the field
  • Opportunity to update marketing materials in new competitive environment and clarify roles of various product forms


  • Exploratory research with physicians, patients and managed care
  • Brand repositioning development, based on proprietary concept optimization process
  • Brand architecture strategy, including product nomenclature and role of masterbrand vs. individual product brands


  • Clarity in positioning, brand architecture and messaging across professional and consumer targets
  • Redesigned and integrated marketing materials (e.g., website, in-office, direct-to-patient), incorporating new positioning, messaging framework and creative brief

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