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Project Description

Pharmaceutical Marketing Consultant Case

Pharmaceutical Marketing Consulting Case

Developing a positioning and messaging strategy for established drug


  • Historical drug class leader (60 % + market share), contributing significant profits to corporate parent
  • Changing marketplace (shifts in prescribing patterns, revised sales practices, treatment protocols), pending patent expiration, and new competitive entrants exerting pressure on historical brand position
  • Product management team looking to define clear, distinct positioning and messaging to solidify core business


  • Situation confirmation, including foundation setting (clinical, scientific review session), brand equity assessment, competitive positioning analysis and sales rep interviews
  • Development of strategic positioning frameworks: competitive differentiation matrix, brand benefit hierarchy, brand-customer touchpoints (from brand materials audit)
  • Brand and messaging positioning development and optimization, with physician specialists
  • Pharmaceutical market research with physicians to validate brand and messaging recommendations


  • New strategic positioning direction, fully embraced by sales reps (secured through sales and messaging rollout and training)
  • Revised and refreshed product packaging and product detail material
  • Revenue and growth above product plan projections, including patent expansion based on clinical expansion

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