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Project Description

Multi-Channel Retailer – Brand Consulting Firm Case

Solidifying the brand positioning of a women’s specialty retailer and day spa


  • Multi-channel retailer of women’s apparel, jewelry, gifts, and accessories, including day spa in select locations
  • Rapid, historical growth resulting from significant channel, geographic and product line expansion
  • Recent growth slow-down due to several factors, including increased competition, store saturation, discounting)
  • Lack of a clear, consistent brand positioning, resulting in a diffused brand image and declining sales


  • Consumer exploratory to understand shopper needs, service experience, brand image, target definition and selection
  • Value proposition development, including what the brand will stand for and deliver on
  • Brand positioning development, including communication elements (e.g., taglines, look and feel, imagery)
  • Highly collaborative process (working across senior executives, marketing, merchandising, product, etc.)


  • Clarified positioning and updated identity (look and feel, creative concepts)
  • Communication platform, detailing the creative brief and initial creative concepts
  • Internal commitment of strategies and plans required to successfully market the brand

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