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Project Description

Auto Manufacturer #2 — Brand Strategy Consulting

Developing a comprehensive brand strategy, including a how-to-win brand extension, for the dealer services organization


  • Auto maker with significantly improving vehicle quality, design and customer satisfaction
  • Consumer perceptions of brand (sales, service, after-purchase support) lags performance based on history of poor quality, cheap image and bland styling
  • New value proposition required, including owner “plank” that aligns with customer requirements and extends brand into express dealer services


  • Global and U.S. brand assessment to identify opportunities for better integration
  • Value proposition, brand strategy and action plan development, based on B-B-C research, across internal stakeholders, dealers and consumers
  • Strategy sessions to build out and gain internal alignment across customer value proposition “planks” and supporting operational tactics
  • Owner services plank deep dive, including where-to-play concepts for improving experience and engagement (incorporating owner personas, journey maps, whiteboard concepts)


  • New brand strategy and action plan, including brand communication direction
  • Cohesive owner driving idea, leveraging existing brand equity vs. new brand, for improved efficiency and effectiveness
  • Significantly enhanced brand and owner satisfaction scores, based on survey results

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