Lifescience and healthcare companies call us to improve their business condition.

For over two decades, EquiBrand has helped position and reposition a broad array of “biobrands,” from breakthrough therapies to established blockbuster drugs, across pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare, and hospital service suppliers.

EquiBrand’s historical leadership in consumer marketing complements the growing importance of the patient to the healthcare industry.

We address complex marketing challenges, across every stage of company and product development:

  • Pre-launch to obtain key opinion leader perspectives and help align clinical studies against marketplace needs
  • Launch to establish the launch positioning and messaging framework
  • Growth and maturity to insulate vs. competitors including end-stage dynamics (e.g., patent expiration, OTC conversion, etc.)
  • Corporate and division-level brand positioning and brand architecture development

Our highly specialized consultants – in healthcare, pharma, and medical device marketing – offer numerous benefits:

  • Deep experience and expertise that may not be available in-house, including healthcare and medical marketing research methods

  • Fresh thinking and cross-category perspective, across both medical and non-medical clients
  • Objectivity and fact-based decision making, particularly useful when internal consensus is lacking
  • Dedicated, external resources that can free up the internal team for other pressing business issues

EquiBrand uses a disciplined consulting process to ensure marketing strategies, plans and tactics are based on the needs of the marketplace. If you are seeking an experienced pharmaceutical marketing consultant, medical marketing consultant or healthcare marketing consultant, call EquiBrand. We have deep expertise in healthcare marketing research and can assist with the development of marketing strategies and plans at the corporate, division, product, and brand level.

EquiBrand helps healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical companies drive business growth through marketing consulting services. Contact EquiBrand to learn more.

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