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Tim serves as EquiBrand Consulting's Managing Partner, and brings deep professional experience in helping companies establish and extend brands through marketing, branding and new product development.

Leveraging Brand Equity to Capture New Revenue Streams

One of the more popular book series out today is the “For Dummies” set, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. From “Wireless Internet Access for Dummies” to “Raising Smart Kids for Dummies,” over 200 titles exist, across books, videos, software and online instruction. And while “Brand Equity Extension for Dummies” isn’t one of them [...]

What is Brand Strategy? Check out this infographic – it’s all here on one page.

What is brand strategy? We recently created an infographic that defines brand strategy and its major components: brand positioning, brand architecture and brand extension.  We thought you might find this useful for your own organization.  Click here for  a downloadable PDF. If you have any questions or comments about brand strategy, including thoughts about the definition above, we'd love to hear from [...]

Upstream Marketing: Using the Principles of Insight, Identity and Innovation to Drive Growth

In our marketing strategy and brand consultancy work, we tend to emphasize "Upstream Marketing," in helping companies develop effective growth strategies and plans. Here is a bit more information on how we define Upstream Marketing, its application and how it differs vs. Downstream Marketing. Upstream Marketing Definition The idea of going upstream to uncover marketing opportunities is a proven approach [...]

Three Places To Look To Free Up Marketing Funds

Are you finalizing corporate, marketing and brand development budget priorities for the upcoming year? Many of our brand consultancy clients are faced with the issue of having to do more with less – attract more customers, launch more products, refresh their marketing materials – all at a lower cost. In our consulting work, we’ve found [...]

7 Things To Consider Before Purchasing HubSpot

HubSpot is a leading marketing automation software provider that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. The company offers a number of potential benefits, including its all-in-one marketing and sales platform, a wealth of material on “inbound marketing,” and a free 30-day trial. If you’re unfamiliar with HubSpot, take a look at its website [...]

Using ‘Focused Ideation’ for Creative Problem Solving

Creativity in Business Problem Solving Creativity is an important cultural component for any organization looking to grow and expand. In truly innovative companies, creativity occurs naturally, every day, and is not concentrated within a particular function (e.g., Marketing or R&D) or relegated to certain times of the year (e.g., year-end planning, company offsites, etc.) Still, [...]

Linking Brand and Operational Strategies for Optimal Results

The strongest, most enduring brands and businesses result from a disciplined alignment of initiatives against marketplace requirements. While a brand strategy is useful to focus the organization against customer requirements, the Customer Value Proposition is necessary to link these brand strategies to business strategies. Brand Strategy Statement Limitations Companies will often spend considerable effort crafting [...]

Using Concept Optimization to Gain Deep Customer Insight

Obtaining deep customer insight is a critical component of successful marketing, and is often a source of competitive advantage. The most successful market-driven firms use a variety of techniques to gain this insight, often relying on non-traditional methods for obtaining deep insight into their customer. One such method is the use of concept optimization research, [...]

Achieving Customer Alignment for Accelerated Growth

Is your organization aligned with the underlying needs of your most important customers? Organizations must constantly monitor and anticipate changes in customer needs, with a deep understanding of customer “whys”. More often, organizations study the “whats” and the “hows” – what their customers are doing or how they’ve behaved in the past, vs. understanding why [...]