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Strategic Visioning

Visioning is used early in consulting engagements, to paint a picture of the desired end state, a number of years in the future.  The key question:  How do you visualize your business and brand in three to five years?

Marketing Strategy Development

As demonstrated here, three points in time should be considered in crafting a vision statement:

  • Understanding the current situation – Where we are today?
  • Determining the future vision – Where do we want to be in the future?
  • Closing the gap through strategic marketing, positioning – and innovation — How will we get there?


  • To develop an initial strategic vision for the business and brand to guide subsequent project steps

Major Activities

  • Review the market assessment, to identify key issues and opportunities
  • Develop alternative visioning statements, through facilitated workshops
  • Review, refine and prioritize vision statement alternatives

Key Deliverables

  • Initial visioning statement to guide subsequent project steps
  • Internal hypotheses, questions, opportunities and challenges to guide subsequent project steps

At this stage, initial “straw man” deliverables across marketing and brand strategy outputs are created.  The straw man output is designed as a draft version for the team to debate, pick apart, and improve. From there, a common next step is obtaining customer input and creating a customer framework.