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Concept Optimization

Concept optimization and evaluation involves using customer feedback – obtained in a qualitative research setting — as a means of narrowing and optimizing marketing concepts in an iterative fashion. The objective is to identify a surplus of benefit-based marketing concepts and test them in written form before investing significantly in full development or implementation activities. This process can be used for a variety of strategic purposes, from positioning to messaging to new product development.

Customer need areas are used as a platform for developing statements, written to express the core benefit in slightly different ways. The concepts are then exposed to customers – one at a time – to determine overall appeal and probe specific areas of interest — survival of the fittest.

Once individual concepts are explored, concepts are then compared against one another, to help determine which is the most preferred and why. This information is essential to refining and narrowing the list of ideas for subsequent development.

Concept Optimization


  • To fully optimize brand positioning concepts “real time,” based on target consumer input

Major Activities

  • Conduct focus groups exposing the initial positioning concepts to assess concept appeal, target relevancy and differentiation
  • EquiBrand and client team are in the back room
  • Specific concepts and messaging components are probed and prioritized, and tested for relevance and distinctiveness
  • Concepts are changed, added or dropped between groups, drawing on target feedback
  • “Look and feel” can be probed to gain understanding of fulfillment potential for leading vs. current positioning
  • Review and select the “winning” propositions “real time”
  • Prepare detailed report of qualitative research findings, including strengths and weaknesses of all tested concepts

Key Deliverables

  • A focused number (2– 3) of consistently high-performing positioning concepts
  • Focus group research findings report

Key outputs of this step are used as an input into the strategy and plan development step.